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Manufacturing processes often contribute to high levels of airborne particles and without a clean operating environment airborne particles will interfere with product decoration.  The product’s decoration is often the first place the end user’s eyes will travel.  If the image is poor, what impression will the user have about the component?   Liberty Clark, Inc. is a sub process manufacturing company specializing in product decoration.  Our Elk River, MN facility is free from airborne particles created during the manufacturing process.  Additionally, Liberty Clark offers a Class-7 certified clean room, with printing capabilities, for medical device handling requirements.

Our Processes

Each component is individually handled and decorated.  There is no automation in our work.  Historically, we have demonstrated less than 1% fallout.  If an operator or QC manager identifies a misprint, proprietary techniques developed internally allow us to clear the image and redo the print.   

Liberty Clark quality control processes provide consistent results, up to, or better than standards set by our customer.  We employ multiple levels of quality control.  Components are examined by the receiving department where parts are prepped for print, the print “artists,” the QC manager, and the packaging and shipping department.

We have been referred to as a line-of-defense for a manufacturer’s internal quality control process.  Often, we encounter components that do not fit cleanly into our holding fixture or have visible blemishes.  We communicate these issues with our customers during the printing process, not afterwards.

Printing Services Offered

Liberty Clark will match the proper decorating process with your project. If your project does not require pad printing we will consult with you to discuss the most suitable printing process.

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We offer

  • Pad Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Cylindrical Screen Printing
  • Hot/Foil Stamping
  • Heat Transfers

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